About Me

Defining one's self is difficult. 
I wear many hats, but these are the basics about me...
My interests are varied.
I tend to be a loner and enjoy my solitude. 
I am my own worse enemy and struggle with my self-esteem.
I love art and music.  My taste in both are eclectic.
I am a self-taught techie.
I love to sew.
My laptop and camera accompany me wherever I go.
I am acquainted with many but have only a few close friends
with whom I share significant details of my life.
I love my friends unconditionally and generously.
I enjoy interacting with people which makes me approachable and
I often find myself in varied conversations with complete strangers. 
I guard my emotions because I fear getting hurt.  
I am told that luxury follows me around and that I am somewhat spoiled. 
I have discriminating taste but I am not a snob. 
I march to the beat of my own drum and
am not easily swayed by the opinion of others. 
I LOVE coffee!
I am playful and mischievous.
I have a tattoo.
I try to think and live outside the box.  
I would love to sell everything I own, pack my car,
hit the open road and live without restraint. 
It appeals to my gypsy soul. 
I am a critical thinker. 
I never take anything at face value.
I am a Christ Follower but I suffer from Mad Church Disease. 
I can be graceful and clumsy. 
I can be well spoken or sound like an idiot. 
I am complex but desire simplicity. 
I battle depression/anxiety and OCD.
I love to read.
I am determined to write a book at some point in my life.
I rarely watch TV.
I have worked a lot of places but the public library seems to be my niche. 
I write this blog and find it therapeutic. 
I am a 40ish wife of 24 years.
I am the mother of two beautiful young men.
I own a miniature dachshund named Oscar.
Want to know more? 

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