Monday, August 29, 2011

Boxers Vs. Non-Boxers {Breakaway}

Why people become steeped into tradition is a mystery to me.   The small town where I live and the church that I rarely attend live by the mantras “this is how we’ve always done it”, “this is just how it is done”,  “this is the proper way to do it”,  etc.        Granted the familiar path is always the easiest path.  You don’t have to think about the path because you know every inch and mile.  But is it always the best path for reaching your destination?   I think not.   There are too many scenic routes which could lead us to new, more wonderful destination.   If we encounter the sameness every day, we become stale, disconnected, and ineffective to those outside the box.   But the box is so comfortable!   Neat, tidy and familiar.    With this in mind, I chose to discard my box altogether.   I did it with intent and purpose knowing the risks that I would encounter by losing my cardboard protection.   Boxed people never understand the non-boxed and they certainly never get the idea that non-boxers view boxers as stagnated conformist.  When I encounter the boxed people, they treat me like I have leprosy….unclean, unclean, unclean, because I’m living outside the confines of a neat box.  Apparently, this is a source of worry for some and enough reason for others to place me on a prayer list.    Why does this bother me?  Most people desire the prayers of others and I do too in specific areas of my life.  I share those request with only a select few people because I respect the sincerity of their hearts.   For anyone to assume they know what is going on in my life, and especially in the lives of my children and then stop one of them to say, “I am praying for your mother and she will be fine” is one of the rudest things I’ve ever heard.     What exactly are they praying about concerning me and shouldn't they have been respectful enough to speak with me first?   My son, being the gentleman that he is, thanked the person and proceeded to say, “My mother is fine, she gets what you don’t, but thank you anyway.”   God, I love that child!   Wake up sleepy small town!  Although, it’s a beautiful dream, we don’t live in Mayberry anymore for the world is indeed changing.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer Synopsis AKA What I Did On Summer Vacation

So yes, it's been a while since I've written in this space.  If anyone in the blog world still lands on this small bit of Internet real estate and reads my pitiful blogging attempts, well, God bless ya!
Me, hubster, boys and dog spent a few quiet days at the beach in June.  It was Oscar's first beach trip and he loved it.   Unless you're a dog lover, you can't understand how fun it is to watch your fur-baby get as excited as your children regarding vacation.  Oscar played in the water, dug in the sand, rode a golf cart, and sniffed other doggies.  We enjoyed Oscar's beach excitement as much as the beach!  Fun!
In June, I went to Type-A Parent Conference.   This is a local blogging conference held annually in beautiful, artsy downtown Asheville, NC.   There I met up with some blogger friends and had a lovely few days with like minded folks.  Fabulous, darling!  Fabulous!  If you're a blogger, consider attending Type-A at some point.   It's a relaxed setting and you'll meet some great bloggers from all over the US/Canada.  And me!
Several weeks ago I began taking a Zumba class.  Two nights per week I shake my Zumba for a hard sweaty hour.  Considering I'm the girl who failed PE in high school (seriously) I'm doing pretty well.  Furthermore, I LOVE it and can tell a big difference how I feel physically and emotionally.   It's a great stress reliever and I'm reaping a few benefits in the waist, hip and thigh area too.  I may even start lifting a few weights to help my bat-wing biceps. 
Uterus Update - Regarding my hateful's still HATEFUL!  I'll be seeing my GYN once again in September and may tell him to rip it out!  Nuff said on that topic.
I got glasses!  I've been using cheap reading glasses for over a year.  A kind friend suggested I have my eyes examined as it seems the #11 between my eyes was becoming more pronounced from all the squinting.  Thank goodness for honest friends who give it to me straight!
True Confessions:
  • I've not read one single book all summer!  I did listen to the "The Help" (Audio CD) and recently saw the movie (so good, go see it, take Kleenex for leaky eyes and wear Depends for a weak bladder).
  • Work keeps me busy, but honestly, it doesn't feel like work.  I've been at the Public Library for eleven years and still enjoy every minute!
  • My young men go back to school Monday.  College and High School, piano and guitar, youth group and basketball keep them VERY busy.   They are handsome, kind, talented and funny...but SLOBS!  I love them anyway.
And now, let me just say...if you are friends with me on already know most of this information plus more....if not, Friend me on Facebook and share the fun!
Thanks for reading, Rosie!   {Coming soon BackSac product review}