Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Post #230 And A New Hair Cut

I spent three hours, THREE HOURS, in a salon chair yesterday getting a hair makeover.   It took a team of four women including myself with a nonchalant attitude, one nervous stylist, and two hair color consultants to make me look decent.  Throw in tons of laughter plus a smidgen of gossip and I had a typical afternoon in a southern beauty shop. 

"I don't like her. I don't trust anyone who does their own hair. I don't think it's natural."  (Name that movie!)

Anyway, what fun!!!!   I felt the need to mix-it-up.  Spring makes me kick up my heels like a frisky colt so I wanted a style that fit my sassy, quirky personality.   

What do you think?    Be honest!   I can HANDLE the honesty!

Today marks the end of March's National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo).   I posted everyday for a month; although, on a few of those days I was pushing the clock.  This post is #230.   Wow!  I never thought in May of 2008, when I started this project as a vacation journal that I would develop such a passion for social media.  I have met so many great people through this venue and honestly, I think I am just now getting my game on.

April brings new goals for my blog and also time to write a few book reviews.  I am quite excited; join me. 

And to everyone who lands here....Thanks for reading, Rosie.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blogger Buddy

Sweet Sadie Marie and I got together today.   We became blogging pals through Blissdom and live relatively close (as the crow flies).   What fun it is meeting up with a blogger girl friend!!!  We talked blogger talk and shared blogger thoughts.  We set some blogger goals and pretended to be blogger rock stars!  Oh the fun things we have planned for April....stayed tuned.   Every blogger needs a blogger buddy.  Got yours?

Thanks for reading, Rosie.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Taking Time To Reflect

Yesterday was Palm begins Passion Week.  I am taking time this week to reflect on the events that occurred many years ago that impact me so profoundly today.  I spend time in quiet contemplation overwhelmed by the love, grace and mercy shown to me by the God of the universe. 

How do you observe this Holy Week?

Thanks for reading, Rosie.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Says Hello

Spring is peeking at me.  She is such a tease.  Little by little she opens herself to the warmth of the sunlight and blossoms.  First a little yellow, then a pink blush, and for fun, some lavender.  As the ground and air grow warmer, her colors become bolder.  She will soon reveal her red tulips and purple iris.  She is gentle and whimsical.  I think that is why I love her.   We played together briefly today and she said to say hello.  Have you seen her too?

Thanks for reading, Rosie.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

World War I Photo Cover & Handkerchief

Along time ago, my Aunt Lilly gave me a small blue suitcase full of "stuff."     The case contained "stuff" for which she was looking to release herself from the burden; I looked like easy prey.  The suitcase and stuff are long gone but my vintage sensibilities would not let me part with a couple of things.  They have been tucked away in a drawer for years and I recently stumbled on them while releasing my burden of junk spring cleaning.   This falls under the antique category rather than vintage.

This is a photo keepsake cover from a United States WWI Veteran.  Somewhere I still have the soldier's photo but cannot find it at this time.  Who knows why I took it out of the protective cover?  (Rhetorical question.)  This was a gift to my Aunt Lilly from her gentleman at the time.

The entire cover is silk.  The front cover is embroidered. 
The ribbons are a little tattered but otherwise it is in good shape.

It opens like a card.  This is the inside top. 
It is a pocket for a small photo to be inserted.
 "Remember Me ~ Sweet be to thee life's passing hours,
and all thy paths be decked with flowers."

The bottom portion of the card is a larger pocket made to hold the thick beige-sepia photos of yesteryear.  It is very fine silk. 
The flag has thirteen stripes and forty-eight stars.

Here is a photo of the whole piece.  Sorry it's a bit blurry.


Tucked inside one of the pockets is a silk handkerchief.   
It still has the origional fold creases.

When war clouds hover o'er the land we read of heroes brave,
Our officers on land and sea, o'er them we fairly rave;
The real defenders are forgot, the men who fire the gun.
'Tis they who'll shield the Stars and Stripes,
God bless them ev'ry mother's son!

He may be wealthy, college, bred, perhaps a son of toil,
He volunteers to fight or die, he loves his native soil;
No fame or glory be his, though through him battles are won.
Old Glory will never cease to wave while we have men to fire the gun!

I could write a whole political post regarding the poem.  But I won't.  It speaks well enough for itself.

Dated:  "Spirit of 1917 ~ Spirit of 1776"

Hope you enjoyed this little piece of history.   It is one of my favorite things.   Now zip back on over to Colorado Lady to enjoy more Vintage Thingies Thursday.  She is a great hostess and she loves my dog.  Enough said.

Thanks for reading, Rosie. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Dog Has A Cold And Now So Do I

Oscar has a cold.

I told him to toss his tissues
into the trash can;
he didn't listen.

Oscar is a naughty boy.

I said, "Boy, you better wipe that
smug smile off your
face with one those tissues
and clean up that mess!"

And Oscar replied,
"Come on Mom,
give me a little
kissy, kissy!"

And I rolled my eyes and said,
"Well, since you're feeling
so poorly and all...."


Excuse me,
I think I'm catching a cold.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Soon You Will Need A Permit To Have Sex

While waiting for a table at Olive Garden in a touristy town a couple of weeks ago, I had an interesting encounter.   The weather was nice enough to wait outdoors and a woman who was smoking walked up to me and asked if it was still legal to smoke outside.  

Why she asked me, I have no clue.  

I responded kindly and with a laugh said, "Yes, for now I think it is still legal."   

That was all she needed to hear from me to make more conversation. 

"You know," she said, "We are about to live in a communist country.  Pretty soon we will have to get a permit to make love."  

I laughed and agreed that our country was definitely headed toward socialism and that if a permit ever became necessary for sex, I might be the first in line.  We joked for a few minutes about this possibility and then she shared with me that she was in town to heal from the death of her husband to whom she had only been married for a week.   They had been together much longer but had only recently made the marriage legal.   He started having pain, he was rushed to the hospital only to find a large, cancerous tumor had ruptured.  He bled to death; her heart broke.   They did not have good health insurance, so regular health screening was a luxury.   She did not blame the health-care system or the government for her husband's death.  Some would argue that if he had better health-care the tumor might have been found earlier and he might have lived.  Not her.  That was the dish life had handed her.  No one was faulted and the government was not to blame for her sorrow.   I could have sat and cried with her, but her table was ready and she left quickly.

This happened on the six month anniversary of my dad's death from lung cancer.  He had great insurance for which he paid an outrageous monthly premium and lived two years through torturous cancer treatments.   He was a veteran...but I never heard him once say the government owed him anything. 

I tell this story today in light of the health care bill passage last evening.   Health care now rests in the hands of our government....our founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves. 

About that permit to have sex....she may not have been very far from wrong.  

What are your thoughts regarding the health care bill passage? 

Thanks for reading, Rosie.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just As I Am...Loved Unconditionally

The truth that God loves me unconditionally is, 
on some days,
the only reason I get out of bed.

"This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope.
It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed,
because His compassions fail not.
They are new every morning: great is Thy faithfulness."    
~ Lamentations 3:21-23 ~

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sneaky Spring Weather

It has been a beautiful Vernal Equinox Day in Northeast Tennessee...clear blue skies and seventy degrees; a must needed respite from the winter woes.   I fear gentle spring is playing tricks on our spirits and still has a few surprises in store.   The talk of the town today has been the Farmer's Almanac prediction for the biggest snowstorm of 2010 to blanket our fair state later next week.  Apparently everyone in town heard this news too and needed to verify the information with the public library.   Where was the local weather watcher when I needed her?  I DON'T KNOW!   Anyway, if we are predicting the weather by signs, I am sure precipitation is "in the air" because I have had a blasting headache all afternoon and everyone knows if I have a headache on a sunny afternoon that the barometric pressure is about to drop.   Also, my big toe hurts.   A sure sign of freezing rain.  Plus my left elbow is squeaking (no idea what that means).  My winter coat is still hanging by the door, my wool socks and thermal underwear are within arms reach and I did the bread and milk run today.   Never trust a sunny day in March! 

"Storm signals are up at number 17. Bit of heavy weather brewing there."  (Name that movie quote.)

Join me tomorrow for Just As I Am.

Thanks for reading, Rosie.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spread A Little Sunshine Every Day

Goodness gracious!!!!  I looked at the clock, saw the time, and freaked!   I almost forgot my NaBloPoMo for today and it is such a sweet one.  

My friend Linda at See Mom Smile sent some love my way today all the way from Las Vegas, Nevada!  She is a newly acquainted, hilarious mom, blogging sister who truly appreciates an off kilter librarian.   Check her out!  (A little library humor folks.)   This is what I love most about blogging....connecting with people!  The sun did indeed shine here today because of her kindness.   Thanks BBF!

Thanks for reading, Rosie.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What Day Is It??????

I've been a muddle-headed nincompoop today.   Yes, you read that correctly.    I worked on Wednesday this week where I usually work on Friday, so you can guess that I thought Wednesday was Friday, which would make me believe that today is Saturday, only it is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday and I keep thinking I have to go to work tomorrow.  But I don't.  I do however, have to work Saturday.   So in my mind Wednesday was Friday, today has been Saturday and tomorrow should be Sunday.   But it isn't.  It's the Friday that I don't work.  All clear?  It's been a long week!  

Thanks for reading, Rosie.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This be me German dog Oscar....

And this be me great-great grandfather
from Ireland...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Half Way There

I am half-way through NaBloPoMo for March!  "Post everyday for a month, that's all you have to do."  Sure sounds easy enough but honestly some days it is tough.  This time around has been made more fun because I have a couple of friends participating with me and we have encouraged one another.  

Visit SweetSadieMarie and TracyIsJustSayin.   Give them a word of encouragement and tell them Reading Rosie says Hello!

Keep an eye out for leprechauns tomorrow!

Thanks for reading, Rosie.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mabel's Labels BlogHer '10 Contest

“From the WWW Newsroom: “Severe electrical storms sweeping the globe may prove to be the end of the Internet. Stay tuned as our Severe Weather Team closely monitors this situation.”

My mind momentarily goes numb; my heart skips a beat! I gaze out the window and watch as dark clouds form in the sky. The breeze gingerly dances the tree limbs and I hear a rumble in the distance. “This can’t be true! This can’t be happening! Not in this age of modern technology! But what if it’s true?????”

I have so much left undone! My plans will never be accomplished! Anxiety grips me in its tight clutches.

I must log-in one more time and request what I desperately need. My Type-A personality can’t live without it!!!! COME ON!

Slowly, a connection is made. “Now if only I can reach the site,” I think to myself as I type in the web address. I. Must. Reach. The. Site.

FLASH! BOOM! The electricity flickers. I lose the connection and now I must start the process over. My hands are sweaty, my knees grow weak. I can't seem to stand on my own two feet. I'm all shook up! (Elvis moment!)

My connection is finally re-established and I try once again, maybe for the last time, to link-up. As I watch, the screen gradually loads. Bright, familiar colors and lettering fill the screen. Purple. White. Blue. Pink. Pink, sweet Pink!!!!

One custom Neat Freak Combo, one Crafter Pack and one Cord Control will bring total organization to my world. And maybe Return Address Labels if I have to resort to real letter writing. Plus the Big Combo Pack. That is ALL I NEED! Really!


Get your pandemonium in order
at Mabel’s Labels before it is too late!
                                             (Insert strange organ music)

Spring break is over; Monday is bittersweet.

Sweet, in that routine will make a comeback in my life.  I NEED routine!  I accomplish so much more with an agenda each day.  Spring break was a hodgepodge of activities and unestablished meal times.  Scattered thoughts and actions make me lazy and apathetic about my life.  Routine allows me to focus on areas that necessitate my undivided attention (meal planning, bill paying, schooling, etc.) and also grants me time to court my creative side (reading, blogging, sewing, design, etc.) 

Bitter, in that my pigsty of a home must be cleaned, loads of laundry must be washed, dried, folded, put away, and homeschooling efforts re-established.  My lackadaisical week reveals ugly consequences.  Restored order is now my agenda!  While I love structure, I sometimes resent the path that guides me there.

Bittersweet describes my Monday....
what word describes yours?

Thanks for reading, Rosie.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Today I Need Flowers In My Life...
What Do You Need?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crocheted Barbie Clothes

While I was out-of-touch with the technological advanced side of the world, I did a little antique shopping.

I was not looking for anything in particular.  I mostly like to browse and interact with people, but I did spot a little something that I could not go home without purchasing.  At first glance you might think these are vintage hot pads.  You would be incorrect.  These are vintage crocheted Barbie doll clothes; a dress, a skirt and shorts.  I have never seen crocheted Barbie clothes and these completely charmed me.

You really can not see their full charm unless Barbie models them....

The details in this little dress are impressive.  The crochet work is very neat and I can't see a dropped stitch anywhere.  The skirt has an elastic waist band, pockets and a snap closure and the shorts have a snap closure too, as well as, a delicate crocheted crotch.   Cute!  Cute!  Cute!

When I placed the items on the counter for purchase, the proprietor could not say enough about how darling she thought they were.  My mother sewed most of my Barbie clothes and I still have them somewhere.  I now plan to hunt them down. 

And how about this beautiful old Methodist Church?  I had to stop and take a photo.  There is something special about a small white church house, don't you think?

For more Vintage Thingies Thursday visit Colorado Lady.  She is a lovely hostess!  Tell her Oscar at Reading Rosie says HEY!

Thanks for reading, Rosie.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Midnight Thief

A midnight thief.........

That greatly enjoyed leftover cocktail shrimp!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An Intervention Is Not Necessary

So this is where blogging leads.....a McDonald's parking lot.   I have NEVER been so GLAD to see a McDonald's in all my life!!!!!!   Free Wi-Fi!   Yippeeeee!  

As God as my witness, after tomorrow, I will never live without internet access again! 

No matter what anyone says, an intervention is NOT necessary :)

Thanks for reading, Rosie.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Slooooow Wireless Connection

Help!  I've died and gone to wireless connection hell!   Spring break began over the weekend and the guys wanted to get out of town.   They requested lodging with a pool table and a hot tub.   MY only request? Wireless connection, please.   How difficult could that possibly be in our advanced techno world?   For this simple post, it took me thirty minutes to log-on.   I was not created to live far, far away from fast technology.  Just let me die now; otherwise this is going to be a long three days!  On a brighter note, I've had two funny people encounters already.  I'll tell you about them when I get a @$%#&* connection!!!!!!


Thanks for reading, Rosie!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tonight I Need Ear Plugs

As I write this post, loud booming noises rudely interrupt my concentration. The testosterone driven part of my family is watching 2012. It is loud enough that I am positive the neighbors can feel the ground vibrations. They say they’re going for the theater experience. (Insert eye roll). I have outgrown disaster movies; they are too predictable and loud. There I go showing my age.  I know! I know! It is about the special effects, but really, I am so past the special effect feature in movies. For the record, no, I did not see Avatar. Three hours watching blue people in 3-D does not appeal to me. The last movie I saw in the theater was It’s Complicated. Just give me a little Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, and Alec Baldwin, add a few laughs, some sex, and top it with light conflict and easy resolution and I’m a happy girl. I don’t want to leave the theatre worried about the world ending. I have enough on my mind. I just want to be sweetly entertained and go on my merry way confirmed in my belief that relationships are difficult but worth the pain. Yeah, I am just a romantic comedy kind of girl. I did purchase Julie vs. Julia.  Meryl, honey, I’m pulling for you because you were FEARLESS in that kitchen.

With Oscar nominating ballots prominently displayed on every internet site, my mind drifted back to 1982/83, my senior year of high school. I was all about the Oscar nominations then. I had seen everything and was cheering for my favorites. An Officer and a Gentleman, The World According to Garp, E.T., Gandi, Tootsie, Victor/Victoria, Sophie’s Choice, Poltergeist, 48 Hours, The Man From Snowy River, Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid….I could watch any of these movies today and be cinematically satisfied. As a matter of fact, I did recently watch Victor/Victoria. Now there is a darn good movie….So come on in and play me Le Jazz Hot maybe cause I love my jazz....HOT! What’s not to like about that?????   I must have a "thing" about Julie.

Despite my anti-disaster movie stance, I want to live vicariously through you. What is your favorite movie ever? What have you seen lately in the theater or on DVD? What movie do you regret seeing and still causes you to want to gouge out your eyeballs? Come on, you can tell me…..

Thanks for reading, Rosie.

Friday, March 5, 2010

O Sleep! O Gentle Sleep! Wherefore Art Thou?

O sleep! O gentle sleep! 
Nature's soft nurse, how have I frighted thee,
That thou no more wilt weigh mine eyelids down
And steep my senses in forgetfulness? 
(from Henry IV by William Shakespeare)

I admit it!   I love to sleep.  It's true.  I could sleep sixteen out of the twenty-four hours given to me every day and then take a nap.  I LOVE to sleep but sleep eludes me.  My mind simply will not turn off when it is time to sleep.  The images I see when I close my eyes remind me of the old reel-to-reel tapes that flickered at the beginning.  Over and over these flashes appear and random thoughts scream in my mind.  I've tried many different remedies for this problem:  a spoonful of peanut butter, warm milk, hot bath, lavender, chamomile tea.  Nothing really helps.  Last night was terrible.  I was tired and cranky with a blasting headache and desperately wanted to fade away into the oblivion of sleep.  Finally, around 5:00 a.m. I drifted into slumber. 

Do you have trouble sleeping?   What do you do to stop the train that roars through your mind at night?   These are things I need to know.

Thanks for reading, Rosie

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tom's Toasted Peanuts Store Jar

I've been away far too long from Vintage Thingie Thursday and after viewing the treasure that Colorado Lady found recently, I felt inspired to join, once again, in the ranks with my fellow vintage thingie lovers.

Ta-Da!  One of my favorite pieces.  This Tom's Toasted Peanuts Store Jar was given to me by my aunt a few years ago and is in mint condition.  She knew that I would cherish, protect, and give the stink-eye to anyone who dared touch this beauty.  It sets high atop my Hoosier cabinet (for photo purposes I had to move it) among the dust and cobwebs smiling at me as Mrs. Paul's fish-sticks bake I bake everything from scratch in my kitchen :)

And stored inside, also among my favorite vintage thingies, are aluminum jello molds.  Who remembers aluminum jello molds?   Speak up!  They come in all shapes, designs and sizes and if you have keen eyes, you'll spot them in just about any thrift store.  Little happy treasures.

Now get on over to Vintage Thingies Thursday at Colorado Lady where you will be as jealous as I when you see what she found.  She's a great hostess.  Be sure to thank her.

Thanks for reading, Rosie.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Funny You Should Ask

I work in a public library.   Why do people assume that because I work in a public library I automatically know the answer to every question I am asked?

You've heard the expression, "There are no ignorant questions".   I am here to say, "Yes, there are plenty of ignorant questions and I've encountered more than my share."

Caller:     How do you make freezer pickles?
Me:         I don't know.
Caller:     Do you have the recipe?
Me:         We have a lot of great cookbooks.
Caller:     Can you look it up for me?

Patron:     Can you recommend a good psychiatrist
                   for personality disorders?
Me:          You probably need to check with your doctor.

Patron:      I am looking for a book.  
                 I do not know the author or the title.  
                 Can you help me? 

Caller:       Who is this?
Me:           The Public Library.
Caller:       What do you want?
Me:           I don't know.  You called me!

Patron:      What book do you recommend?
Me:            What do you like to read?   Fiction or Nonfiction?
Patron: know, the made up stuff. 
                    I like to read anything.
Me:            You mean Fiction?  Do you like Mysteries?
Patron:      No, I don't like Mysteries.
Me:            Do you like Science Fiction?
Patron:      No, I don't like Science Fiction. 
Me:            How about Romance?
Patron:      No, I don't like Romance.
Me:            Murder?
Patron:      No.
Me:            Informational?  Biographies?
Patron:      No. No.   (Loud sigh)  I think I'll just check out a DVD. 
                  What do you recommend?

Patron:       I need a resume'. 
                  Someone said I could get one here. 
                  Do you have any?

I did not write this post to make fun of anyone.  Honest!   I try my best to answer every question I encounter with a smile.   Some days are tougher than others and by the end of the day I want to bang my head against the circulation desk.

But, I am really curious....what funny, odd, strange, or ignorant, question have you been asked recently?   This one doesn't count ;)

Thanks for reading, Rosie.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Entertaining Strangers

I often find myself engaged in odd conversations with complete strangers.
Recently, at a local department store I was trying on clothes.  As I exited the dressing room, I encountered a petite woman in her mid/late seventies trying to find jeans to purchase.   Believe me when I say that buying jeans after age forty is a massive ego crusher.  Especially by current design standards.   Between giving birth, adding a few pounds, and sagging in all the wrong places, the last thing a woman wants is low-riding jeans to show her big girl panties.  Trust me on this!  

Anyway, the sweet lady was exasperated by her denim dilemma and asked for my help.  Why?   I have no clue!   After studying the cut of the jeans, the length, and the waistband fit, we determined that the jeans looked good on her frame and were decent to wear in public.   Then she asked me to step outside the dressing area with her while she modeled for her husband's approval.   To my everlasting surprise her husband was in a wheel chair with an oxygen tank, tubing, and mask struggling for every breath.   The delight in his eyes when he saw his wife was obvious. And get this....he said, "she needs more booty...too skinny...but she looks great."   How precious!  I laughed with them, gave the lady a hug and went on my way.  I could have chosen not to entertain strangers, but what a blessing I would have missed!

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers,
for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it. 
Hebrews 13:2

What strangers have you encountered recently?  Tell me about it.  I am eager to know your story.

Thanks for reading, Rosie.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Are You Lonely Among Friends?

Because I am a glutton for difficult tasks, I find myself registered with National Blog Posting Month  (NaBloPoMo) for March.  Since I have nothing better to do this month but sit around and eat Bon-Bons while watching the Soaps, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to stretch my creative muscle.  Exercise, after all, is good for the body.  

 "It is strange to be known so universally
and yet to be so lonely. "   Albert Einstein

I stumbled upon the above quote while looking for information.   It resonates with me.   NOT that I am known universally; rather, I often find myself alone among friends.  In other words, "I'm known in my little universe by many, yet find myself lonely. I too, find that fact strange."
Have you, dear readers, ever felt the strange feeling of loneliness even among friends?  Please tell me about your experience.  I need to know.
Thanks for reading, Rosie.