Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday Isaac!!!!!

Thirteen years ago today, I gave birth to a strapping 8 lb. 14 oz. baby boy! What an exciting day for our family. It had taken a long six and one-half years from the birth of my first son to bring another baby into this world. We were more than ready for this new little guy and welcomed him warmly. What a tremendous blessing he is to us and what entertainment he brings to our lives.

Aaah – the memories of that day...if I could bottle that feeling, I could make a million.

3:00 a.m. September 30, 1996…I am dreaming and in my dream, there is a lot of pain. Suddenly, I wake up and there is still a lot of pain. I am not dreaming; I am in labor!

No need to panic, it took me three days to get my firstborn into this world. I will not wake MDH up until I think I should go to the hospital. I will time my contractions for a bit. I go into the den and turn on Turner Classic Movies.

Contraction. Breathe.

I find the 1957 version of Peyton Place just coming on. I have never seen this movie, maybe I will watch for a bit.

Contraction. Breathe.

The movie is good and I wonder why the 1950’s are traditionally considered a chaste decade. Lana Turner is beautiful. Why do they not make bras like that anymore?

Contraction. Breathe.

I am hungry. Maybe I should eat something. NO! The last time I gave birth, I ate something and vomited during a hard contraction. Never mind, I will just finish this movie.

Contraction. Breathe.

Gee, four minutes apart. These things are coming fast. Maybe I should put on my makeup and shave my legs. I looked terrible the last time I gave birth. I want my makeup on this time. Off to the bathroom.

Contraction. Breathe.

Thirty minutes and four contractions later I look somewhat better. Let’s see what Lana is up to now, the tramp.

Contraction. Breathe. Contraction. Breathe.

Maybe I should wake MDH up. Naaaaah!
I want to see the end of this movie.
Only, about thirty more minutes.

Contraction. Contraction. Contraction. Pant. Pant. Pant.

I crawl to the bedroom.

WAKE UP!!!!!

Get your clothes on and take me to the hospital because I am in labor!!!

How long have you been in labor?

About four hours.

How far apart are the contractions?

About a minute.

Contraction. Pant.

Why didn’t you wake me sooner?

I was watching the 1957 version of Peyton Place. I have never seen it before and I wanted to see what happened to trampy Lana Turner.

Contraction. Pant. Pant.

We find ourselves speeding to the hospital. After I am checked in and situated in my room, I am attached to fifteen different monitors. By this time, I am almost dilated to six.

Where is my epidural!

Please bring that large needle and shove it into my spine!

Aaah – that feels much better. No more pain. I actually fall asleep for a bit.

It is time to push!

I hate this part!

Push! Push!

3:55 p.m. September 30, 1996…I push twice and am handed a gorgeous baby boy!

Easy as pie!

Can anyone tell me what happened on Peyton Place?

Just kidding, I read the book.
Thanks for reading, Rosie.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

King's Crown Cranberry Glassware

So I found myself in Rural Retreat, Virginia, a few weeks ago in an antique store. A random stop on a day trip for pure personal enjoyment. I rarely purchase anything in an antique mall. I enjoy looking, but most of the time items are simply priced too high for the loose change I carry in my pocket. This particular day was no exception. I enjoyed looking, touching and gasping at the prices but made no purchases. One item did catch my eye that I had not seen before and I immediately desired to own it, until of course, I checked the price. $12.00 for one 6 oz. King's Crown Cranberry Sherbet Glass. I had never seen the King's Crown pattern in the cranberry (red/white) design before and it really caught my eye as I am a lover of red and white. And every one knows, "Virginia is for Lovers". Needless to say, I coveted the set. As in "thou shalt not covet" coveting. The Biblical kind of coveting. The "wakes you up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat" kind of coveting. I wanted that set! I needed that set! I shalt have me that set! Alas....I could not afford that set; I let it go. I never verbalized to anyone the burning passion of that day when I first saw and touched the glassware. No one knew the smoldering embers that lay beneath my poised surface. It was my secret and burden to bear. Three weeks came and went. I put the thought of the glassware out of my mind because I could not eat, sleep, or concentrate on anything. Those glasses had possessed my very being and I had to rid myself for sanity sake of the curse known as "King's Crown Cranberry."

Thursday, August 27, was a day like most any other day; school, guitar lesson, a stop by the post office to pick up mail. In my PO box lay a yellow postcard marked "package pickup". An item too large for the PO box had been shipped to my address. What the heck? I had not ordered anything! The postmaster brought out a gargantuan box and set it on the counter. The return address showed it had been sent from Illinois. My Yankee Aunt was up to her shenanigans again. What tiny little thing had she packaged in this monstrosity of a box. I could visualize her filling it with Styrofoam packaging peanuts (bad, for the environment, BTW) and chuckling with an evil grin as she addressed the box. Yankees are always playing jokes on Southerns thinking they are so clever! I was way ahead of her this time.

"That is a very big box," said Delores, "can you get it to your car?"
I tested the weight. It was not heavy.
Yep, filled with Styrofoam, I thought to myself.
"No prob," I winked and smiled.
"Have a good day!" and I carted the object home.

I love "real" mail! Especially large boxes; even if they are filled with environmentally bad junk. I took my trusty kitchen knife and sliced across the packaging tape. I slowly opened the lid, slightly wary, yet excited. Sure enough, packaging peanuts! Would this Yankee never learn? I slipped my hand below the surface and felt bubble wrap. I admit I really like bubble wrap. Tell me, who would not like popping those bubbles? Slowly, I pulled out the small, fragile object. Hummmm. A dish of some sort? I proceed to take off the bubble wrap.

Have you ever heard an angel chorus sing? Really, just at random? They sang that Thursday in my kitchen!!! Several times I put my hand in that box and pulled out an object and every time I unveiled a new piece, the angel chorus grew louder. By the time the box was empty and Styrofoam peanuts were blowing all over my kitchen, I was down on my hands and knees weeping from the pure miracle of it all. Inside that box were four goblets and seven sherbet cups of the King's Crown Cranberry Glassware!!!! Holy mother of all things vintage how had she known that I coveted them? I had told no one of my secret desire from that day in Rural Retreat and here in my kitchen floor sat I with these beauties among bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts and a chorus of angels. Let me just say, "Miracles Happen!"

Apparently my prayers were heard and God caused some Yankee to put these in a yard sale for $1.00 each. Then He whispered into my Aunt's ear to purchase them and ship them to me. God bless my Aunt Deb and anyone else who had a hand in this purchase. It was truly inspired! When I tell you that "things" find their way to me, I am NOT lying!

For more stories of vintage miracles visit Vintage Thingies Thursday at Colorado Lady. Suzanne who hosts the site, has experienced many vintage miracles too!

Thanks for reading, Rosie.