Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One Year Blogging Anniversary and Giveaway


One year ago today, I wrote and published my first blog post. Actually, that is not completely true. I set up a Blogger account six months prior. I wrote and deleted several posts. I puzzled over gadgets, widgets, fonts, headers, titles, columns, html codes and then bought the book "Blogging For Dummies". Don't waste your money. I tried TypePad and WordPress and then came back to Blogger. I finally chose a basic template and decided to teach myself. I must say it really ticked me off whenever I viewed cute blogs and wondered how the heck it was created. Then I started figuring out most bloggers do not create the graphics themselves; there are more than enough web-sites with free downloads. But being the "home-school-learn-it-on-your-own-kind-of-girl" that I am, I wanted to do it myself. I read more, experimented a lot, got headaches, threw things, caught myself swearing OUTLOUD, forgot to fix dinner, clean house or bathe, and although I know more about this venue than I did a year ago, I still have tons to learn. Anyway, here I am, none the more wealthy for my efforts like the "A Lister's" (you know who they are), but satisfied with my small accomplishment. Along the way, I challenged myself, reconnected with old friends, made new friends, and PO'd a few others. I hope in the process I have caused you to laugh and enjoy life a bit more. If you suffer from anxiety and depression as I do, I pray I have helped you see you are not alone and humor can be found even in "crazy." If you home school, I hope you have found you do not need to be perfect to teach your children. Truly, if I can do it, anyone can. Furthermore, do not let the government make you believe that the public school system is the only hope for America (no offense meant toward public school teachers or parents who choose public schooling.) I hope you have read a book that I suggested and that you grew personally from the experience. If I could recommend just one book to read, "Same Kind of Different As Me" would be the one. You will never think the same (not that I have ever thought the same as most.) I hope you have enjoyed the pictures of Oscar. What a dog! My boys and MDH have allowed my free spirit to rampage this year, unfortunately that may have been a mistake. My Father, who loves me more than anyone ever will, gives me the freedom to be myself yet is always wooing me to Him. It is Christ I have chosen to follow, not the religious community. He is what gives my life purpose. I have many more things to share and feel that I am just getting started.....so hang on with me.....it could get bumpy.

To celebrate my one-year blog anniversary, I want to give stuff away. I love giving stuff away. I am always giving someone something. It is how I show friendship. Honestly, nothing makes me happier than to give away stuff. Here we go......

Item #1: Vintage necklace with two sets of clip earrings. The earrings actually have the little "screw" type clips, so they will not pinch delicate earlobes. This is in beautiful condition and the "ruby" glass stones are lovely. Perfect for that Christmas cocktail party.

Oscar feels like a royal prince when he wears this collar.

Item #2: Triple strand of long black beads. Depending on your height, these could drop to your waistline. They can be worn many different ways. They are old, the beads are plastic, and they still smell like your grandmother's talcum powder.

Oscar prefers the choker version. It makes him feel sexy or sleepy. However you see this photo.

Item #3: Faux pearl triple strand necklace. A Barbara Bush classic. These beauties go with anything. Every time I wear my pearls, even with jeans, I get compliments. You can never go wrong with pearls. They make you feel beautiful.

Oscar says no matter who you are, you will feel elegant wearing them. If he just had breasts, I think he would look like one of those reclining nude portraits.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post and tell me which item number you prefer. Or send me an e-mail at RosieReads@gmail.com You can enter for all three, but you can only win one. I will close the giveaway on Tuesday, May 26th, draw three names and hopefully post the winners that evening.

One more matter of business: I have a high school friend who is relatively new to the blogosphere. He is smart, witty and makes me grin every time I read anything he writes. He also pens beautiful poems that make women weep. He is a little shy about putting himself "out there" but I personally think he has real potential. His blog site is a "work in progress". As a favor to me, or not, stop by his site and peruse some of his posts. Leave him a word of encouragement, tell him Rosie sent you, or tell him he stinks. Whatever!!! Here is the link: http://tracyisjustsayn.wordpress.com/

Thanks for reading, Rosie.


Anonymous said...

hi! long time...no blogging, huh?
we've missed you :-(
guess you're busy enjoying these pretty spring days. sure was nice to get online and see a new blog entry and a new giveaway!!! :-o
hope I win! nice prizes!!!
see ya soon/love ya!
kay w.

Rachel said...

Hey Dana, so happy to get a few new posts from you :) I love the necklaces!!! Hope I win one. Rachel

Coloradolady said...

Oh Rosie, I love them all, but the first one is my favorite...only if Oscar is included!! Please enter me in your great giveaway.

kathy55439 said...

this is my first visit to your blog But I LOVE MUSIC that played while I was reading.... The necklace is very nice too Thank you for the contest


those pics are worth a million!

Anonymous said...

Oscar really knows how to model your jewels...He looks almost as good as you do in these gems...


BUSY BEE said...

I love Oscar!! What a cutie!

I would love to be entered for Item 1# Very lovely!

bsyb100 at gmail dot com

Abby said...

I love that you used your dog for a model!

I am going to say #2 please.

ajcmeyer AT go DOT com

Paige said...

I've enjoyed "meeting" you and reading your blog so much it seems I should be sending *you* a gift. : )

LOVE the Oscar-model...tell him my Oscar says, "Hi!". : )

I am loving the black necklace! Was that #2?...I think so...if it was, enter me for #2. : )

A Reader said...

I love the Vintage Necklace -- #1.

Congrats on the anniversary.
Thanks for the giveaway!

paula h said...

Oscar is adorable (and very patient :)

I like necklace #1.


Sandra K321 said...

#1 looks so nice on Oscar I would have to choose that one.

jemscout425 said...

i love the vintage necklace. it's so beautiful

Emilie said...

How pretty!!! (And Oscar's cute, too!) If we can really enter for all 3, put me down...my preference would be 3, 1, 2. Thanks for the chance!

emvark at gmail dot com

Snow White said...

Oscar looks soooo GLAM!!!!!
Happy Anniversary!

malleycc said...

Oscar is soooo cute in all the necklaces. I love number 1 it is beautiful. I would love to win. Thanks for the chance.

Elizabeth said...

I love that you dressed Oscar up as your model!
I would love to win any of these, but my favorite is the first one. I have so many things to wear it with!
Congrats on your blogoversary. I'm off to "meet" your friend.

CC said...

Love all your vintage necklaces.. I think the pearls are my favorite.. They're beautiful and Oooo, I hope I win. Happy VTT..have a lovely weekend.

Ruby said...

I have enjoyed visiting your blog. Oscar is a knockout model for the jewelry. Please enter me in all 3 giveaways. If I win I'll send you a picture of my 4 boys wearing it!! :) Ruby

Miri said...

Congrats on one year of blogging!

Love the red stone necklace...Oscar is the perfect jewelry model-such a long neck! :)

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Well done on one year of blogging.

Postcardy said...

What a good dog!

SueLovesCherries said...

Wow, I didn't know all this about you! I, too, suffer from anxiety (family 'curse'), love the Lord, and home school!

I think Oscar deserves an Oscar for his performances!

Hmmm . . . I'm not a jewelry wearer, except earrings to church on Sundays, . . . but I do like the red set!

LV said...

Interesting blog and wonderful give-a-ways. Always enjoy visiting with you.

Bea said...

Happy Blog Anniversary! You do a great job with your blog, girl! Love reading it.

That Oscar is such a wienie! I would love those pearls so I can look just like him when I wear them. =)

Off to read your friend's blog...

Nicole D. said...

I would liek to enter for all 3! Cute pics!

Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com said...

Can I have the dog??? How creative to display your vintage jewelry on him. Now who ever would have thought of that? I sell vintage jewelry and I think it would sell better displayed by that cutie! Thanks for making me smile today! Stop by and see my table setting, if you like what you see, be sure to subscribe to my blog by clicking on "Follow" in the right hand column. This way we can inspire one another frequently! Be sure to stay a while when you're there and enjoy the experience!

Sarah Z said...

Item #1 for me please! They are all great though!
believedreamcourage (at) gmail.com

wendy said...

I like item #1.

madamerkf at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Hi there!! I have loved and collected vintage jewelry for almost ten years and recently ended up having to sell most of mine so I would SO love to win a new 'pretty' to jump start a new collection lol

They are all pretty, I'd be honored to win any of them but number #1 is GORGEOUS and my favorite (and you can include Oscar if I win lol - he is such a cute furbaby!)

Now I am off to read your friend's blog and post some postive vibes for him!

Many thanks and have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Just wanted to say I'm back from Tracy's blog and I LOVE the style, right up my alley :)

Sharon said...

Love your blog and the great music. Oscar is a wonderful model. I would love to win item #1, Thanks for the giveaway

sharr1226 at yahoo dot com

Tiffany819 said...

I would love the chance to win #2! Beautiful pieces. Thank you for the giveaway!

Tiffanys819 at gmail dot com

Amy said...

#1 please and thank you!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rosie! You are one year in the "sphere" and I would have thought that you had been doing it much longer. I guess you just have a knack or even an unexplained ability for blogging. I can only hope to do nearly as well as you...
Thanks for lending us your time, effort, wisdom and heart for a year. Sincerely, Tracy