Monday, January 23, 2012

Midnight Water Leak Forces Family Into Bathroom Makeover!

A recent water leak forced me to speed up a bathroom makeover I already had planned.   It was one of those holy crap mornings where an inch of water flooded the bathroom floor and plunged me into fast action.  Badumba...a little toilet humor there people!

Here are a few photos of the mess I was in about three weeks ago:

Fifteen years ago during construction, I was working full-time, hugely pregnant with my second son, and busy with activities involving my oldest son who was in first grade.  Stressful time!   Needless to say, I had very little time to think about decorating and basically threw together wallpaper, and flooring.   It was adequate.  It endured bath times, potty training, stomach bugs, and science experiments.  It was past time for a redo.   Thanks to Pinterest, I had already been making mental preparations and had an idea of what I wanted.   It came together very nicely and I am now strategically planning a midnight water leak for the master bathroom.

The new flooring looks like ceramic tile but it is actually laminate. 
I grouted to give it a modern look.  Since this is mainly the men's room,
I wanted a more masculine color scheme. 

I chose Behr's Premium Plus Ultra Interior Paint in Elephant Skin for the wall color and applied two coats.   I used a basic wood primer on the floor before applying the laminate and applied the same primer to the bathroom cabinet prior to painting.  For the cabinet color, I chose Behr's Premium Plus Ultra Paint in Black As Ink.  I also used two coats on the cabinet allowing each to dry for several hours between applications.  Do not fear black, people!  The cabinet turned out beautifully and now I want to paint every cabinet in the house black.

I kept the same hardware, soap/toothbrush holder and towel racks but purchased a new vanity mirror and light fixture.  The shower curtain and rug came from Target.

I kept the decorations simple because I can't stand clutter!

"Be Yourself"... a good motto.

I still have some floor trim painting to do but for the most part...It is finished!

If only it would stay this clean....

Thanks for reading, Rosie.


Jessica said...

Oh goodness - I love it! Can you come plan a leak at my house?

Laura L. said...

It looks beautiful!! Congratulations on a job well done!!