Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thinking, Fast and Slow about Tim Tebow

Being true on my quest to read more non-fiction in 2012, I brought home the audio CD Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman.  Sixteen CDs of pure psychology way over my head.   Nevertheless, if I listen to information I already know, I’ll never learn anything right? 

Am I an intuitive or rational thinker?  I like to believe rational.   More likely though, as with the majority of people, I think intuitively.  Not because I’m not capable of rational thinking, I simply do not always take the extra seconds necessary to rationalize because of cognitive ease.  Mr. Khneman’s book/audio has been worth my driving time.   Daniel Egan, the reader, gently and humorously explains how the human mind...well, thinks.   I would never take the time to read this information, but listening on CD while driving makes for a very interesting ride.

What I am taking the time to read is Laura Ingram’s book Of Thee I Zing.  A hilarious look at the quirks of today’s culture…from muffin tops and sagger pants to body shots and rapper rants… Laura’s book is full of satirical (albeit sad) glimpses in today’s culture.  I find myself complaining about the culture while at the same time contributing to its demise.   And that’s the point of her book…we all do, in some form or another, contribute to the cultural climate.

So I’m reading two books…one written by a “liberal” the other by a “conservative” and I find them both uniquely informative.   Fascinating!
A word on the whole Tim Tebow thing.    First I am NOT a football fan!   I don’t understand the game or all the crazy hype.   I steer far, far away from the whole football scene.  It’s how I roll.   However, I live with three football crazed men and I hear it ALL!  Why do the media dislike Tim Tebow so vehemently?    He seems to be a polite, intelligent, talented, young man.   He lives his Faith out loud.   Tim Tebow is a Christian.  I’m thinking that if he were Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Wiccan or even Atheist and just as vocal on the field, no stink would be made.  The media and some football fanatics seem to be uncomfortable that this young man prays publically and openly believes the Bible.    Do I think God loves football?   Personally, I think He is indifferent about the game but I believe He loves Tim Tebow not as a football player, but as a man who is trying to be obedient to the True and Living God.   And the thing is…I don’t think God loves Tim Tebow any more than any other player, man, woman, or child in history.   Tim Tebow shouldn’t be put on a pedestal…he is human and will eventually fall off.  But Tim Tebow knows this and chooses to put God on the pedestal.   God never fails.   Touchdown!
 Oh wait!!!  It could be the whole intuitive/rational thinking thing of our outlandish culture.   What do you think? 
Thanks for reading, Rosie.

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Michelle D. said...

You are a jewel! I do enjoy the sport of football, and have always wished I could have played. That being said, I like Tebow as a man and agree that God loves us all, but what has bothered me most is he is focused on by the media for praying when something goes well. Many times over the years I have seen alot of other players publicly offer their thanks to God for the gift of their skills or the in the moment miracle but none of these players have received the media attention Tebow has gotten. I do not dislike that God is getting the attention but feel there are others out there who also deserve to be acknowledged as Christians too because Tebow isnt the only Christian in the NFL. Just my 2cents and they really arent even worth that.. Have a wonderful week and thanks for my smile today!